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    We are a small community-led Trust bringing together Berkshire’s schools to flourish and be fruitful. 


    We want the children in our schools to achieve outstanding things, and to be ...


    rooted and grounded

    independent and empowered and


    ... young people.


    The Trust began with the successful collaboration between St John’s Church of England School and New Town Primary School, which helped New Town establish itself as a great community school with good results. By sharing an ethos, senior leadership and other staff, both the schools and the local community experienced real benefits.  We formalised this collaboration with the formation of the MAT in June 2016.

    Our vision is to remain community-led, and focused on the East Reading area, expanding when we encounter other schools who share our philosophy. 

    We are managed by a Board of Trustees who are all volunteers, and who bring a range of valuable skills from education, community, governance, philosophy and finance.  The Trust is supported by the Diocese of Oxford, and has Diocesan and clergy Trustees on its Board.

    The Trust has a small number of dedicated staff who work with the school leadership teams to support their performance and financial management.

    We acknowledge and build on the unique characteristics of our schools, letting each remain rooted and grounded in the community around them.  Our management style is relational and empowered; we seek to leave as much control as we can with the Local Governing Bodies of the schools.  In return, the schools should aim for outstanding performance, support our philosophy and work together in the MAT community to support each other.