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    As Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Schools Trust, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to our new and developing website.

    Berkshire Schools Trust is a community-led trust with the vision of a family of good and outstanding local schools who want what we want: for our children and staff to be confident, independent, empowered and flourishing whilst remaining relational and grounded. So, our emblem is a grapevine - rooted, flourishing and fruitful - and we reflect the diversity of our community by welcoming both Church and community schools.

    As a trust, our BST starting point is that every child in the Trust, at whichever school they attend, will have the best education available to them.  We aim for strong and consistent achievement, visible progress and excellent opportunities for every child, regardless of their background or needs. My passion is teaching and in facilitating those within the Trust to deliver the best education possible – developing the whole child, creating happy children who feel safe and secure and are open to learning and experiencing new challenges whilst in primary education.

    The Trust’s understanding is that ‘best’ education means all these things and more. The Trustees believe every child should be enabled to ‘live life in all its fullness’. A large part of developing the ‘whole’ of the child as a ‘person’ in their own unique local context; not only what they can receive from it but also what they can give. I have been part of the formation of the Trust from the outset, which was in June 2016, along with other inspirational and aspirational parties. The schools that currently form the Trust provide strength and partnership for each other, sharing our experience and encouraging each other.  Everything we do is focussed on educational standards, and giving our children the very best foundations that we can.  So we are beginning to compare teaching between schools to find out what is the very best approach, and also to ‘lend’ staff to one-another, letting us keep and develop our best teachers.

    The Trust vision is to remain community led, geographically centred on Reading and the surrounding area, expanding within a model we refer to as ‘growth with care’. A constant principle of Berkshire Schools Trust is to enable our schools to build on their unique character, letting each remain grounded in the community around them.

     If you would like to know any more about the Trust, or you have any suggestions, we would very much like to hear from you so please drop Clare Hails an email on who will then forward your email onto the relevant Trustee.


    Angharad Brackstone, CEO